Northcrest Phase 2

With the completion of Northcrest Phase 1, Alsons Properties is moving to develop the second phase of the residential development, continuing the company's theme of living among nature.

Phase 2 will complement Phase 1, using elements of water, wind ang light as key points in building a Tropical Asian design aesthetic. Alsons envisions Northcrest's homes to seamlessly blend with its green environs.

The main entrance is located beside St. Mary's Shrine in Buhangin. In addition to the amenities found in Northcrest 1, phase 2 will have:

  • Competition-sized pool
  • Badminton facilities
  • New Social Hall
  • Children's covered playground
  • Parks

Another Quality Project of:


Proposed Main Entrance Along St. Mary's Shrine

Front View Perspective - Multi-Purpose Hall

Proposed Parks

Proposed Competition-size Swimming Pool

Rear View Perspective - Multi-Purpose Hall

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